Work in the service - repair center

The service center is our most numerous department. Our employees provide a complete process of laptop motherboards repairs and mobile phone repairs. Operators and technicians usually work sitting at their desk in a quiet and clean environment. Operators specialize in one activity, either soldering electrical components to repair hardware or hardware improvements, testing the functionality of motherboards, checking their visual condition or replacing integrated chips using machine soldering.

Technicians deal with diagnostics and the actual implementation of necessary repairs. Our technicians are usually graduates of electrical engineering schools, electrical enthusiasts with experience in the field or operators who have gradually developed their skills to the position of technician.

Both operators and technicians in our company can gradually grow professionally to senior positions.

Our colleagues from the technology and quality department also sit in the service center. Their task is to prepare the repair process and supervising the quality of the repaired boards.

Do you have no experience with operator work? Does not matter. After boarding every newcomer is trained on our training line where he/she is gradually trained for the given position. It is important to have a certain degree of manual dexterity and especially the desire to learn!

Benefits of working in a service center

  • morning shift
  • training on the training line
  • work mostly sitting at a desk
  • clean and quiet working environment
  • the possibility of career growth to a senior operator or technical position

Work in the warehouse

Our warehouse is a very important link between customers and the service center. In addition to our repair activities we operate as a warehouse for electrical components and spare parts so in the first phase it is crucial to classify components according to their functionality and type.

Every week we receive thousands of components, which first need to be checked, sorted and stored correctly. The components that warehouse workers work with are light, the boards individually weigh around 300 grams and in the case of handling multiple pieces at once we use warehouse handling equipment such as a pallet truck, reach truck or forklift. When everything is stored, the process rotates when the employees pick up the orders, assemble and pack the material and in the final step they ensure the expedition of shipments to individual customers.

Warehouse operators in our company can gradually grow professionally to senior positions.

Don't you have experience with work in a warehouse? Does not matter. We will teach you everything! This is done by transfer of experience between colleagues. After your boarding you will be assigned to an experienced colleague who will explain everything to you, show you and answer all the questions. The important thing is that you are not afraid of moving around and while standing and you are willing to learn!

Benefits of working in a warehouse

  • morning shift
  • a combination of sedentary work and work in motion
  • clean and quiet working environment
  • possibility to obtain licence for forklift
  • the possibility of career growth to a more senior position

Our other teams

Colleagues from our support and administrative teams cannot remain unmentioned – we have planners, buyers, colleagues from finance, HR and facility department. In our company the fresh graduates of the university and high school and senior colleagues work here.

Benefits of working in other teams

  • flexible working hours
  • possibility to work from homeoffice
  • opportunity for career growth to a senior or leading position