Stories of our employees


Technology department manager

„I have been working at SMS InfoComm since the very beginning of the company, ie since 2007. I joined a start-up, small company as a process engineer, whose task was to prepare technological procedures for repairing computer motherboards. As the company grew over the years, more colleagues came. Currently, as a manager, I lead the technology department with 18 colleagues, with whom we deal not only with the preparation of technological procedures but also with the implementation of new improvements so that other colleagues can work better. I especially enjoy working with SMS for its diversity, creativity and the opportunity to meet the latest types of device during repairs. Furthermore at the company I appreciate the possibility of career growth, the stability of the company and the field of activity - computer repairs. In this way we contribute to the protection of our planet.”


Service center testing operator

„Before I joined SMS, I worked as a seamstress and it never occurred to me that I would enjoy working with computers. I was even a little scared at first, because the work seemed very technically demanding. But I have a great team of colleagues who are professionals and have willingly taught me everything. I value diversity at my job the most, I learn something new every day, I like one-shift operation and a great team spirit.”


Service center technician

„I started working for SMS Infocomm in 2013 as a production operator. During my career I got to work as a technician and currently I'm a deputy leader. I like the local super team and I appreciate the stability in the company, especially in the difficult times of COVID.”


Warehouse team leader

„I joined the company in 2012. Thanks to exceptional and capable colleagues, I quickly found out that my choice was the right one. Soon after joining, I was given the opportunity to use my potential and lead my own team. I have a job that fulfills me and moves me forward. If you are positive and ready to develop, you can handle a lot. SMS is a company worth knowing.”


Team leader of logistics

„I have been working for SMS InfoComm since 2017 when I started working as a Logistic specialist. I really appreciate that the company gave me the opportunity to develop my previous experience and after less than two years I developed into a Team Leader. I achieved this also because of my great colleagues with whom I like to spend my time off as well. I would certainly like to mention the industry that our company is dealing with because from my point of view it has a perspective for the future which is also reflected in this coronavirus period.”


The planner

„I originally applied for the position of planner because I was looking for a job in which I would use Excel and English. I have been working in SMS since 2018 and I use both on a daily basis, although at the beginning it was difficult for me to understand colleagues with a Chinese accent. I appreciate our great team in my work where we all help each other and especially my leader, who supports me in further development. Thanks to him I also had the opportunity to learn and use Power Query and Power BI in practice and I hope that I will soon penetrate the secrets of automation.”

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